Washington Street Mission Receives $2,000 Weather Guarantee Check


$2,000 is going to Washington Street Mission thanks to our weather guarantee from September. The mission is a day center that gives homeless people a place to have conversation, coffee, and practice their faith. Social interaction at the mission building is vital to helping those looking to find a job and move forward with their lives. Monday's donation will help with operating costs and keep the mission open. The mission survives on private donations and gets no state funding.

"Every morning we probably have 150 different people who would be on the street otherwise, coming in to get a cup of coffee," Ken Mitchell, executive director of the Washington Street Mission, said. "People have a chance to get ready for a job if they're out there working and get cleaned up."

"We're blessed in this community to have people like Washington Street Mission that can do things because the state is under a lot of stress," Todd Green, owner of Green Family Stores, said. "We need people in Springfield that'd do this."

Our weather guarantee charity of the month for October is St. John's Children's Hospital.

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