Pretrial set in Jay Hein murder case

Pretrial set in Jay Hein murder case

A man accused of murder and arson in Danville was back in court for a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Chris Condon, 19, is accused of stabbing 51-year-old Jay Hein multiple times, beating his head with a hammer, and lighting his house on fire.

Condon pled not guilty to first-degree murder, aggravated arson, and concealing a death. Condon was being represented by a public defender but has recently hired a private attorney.

The community is shocked to learn just how brutal this murder was.

"Something that brutal, there has to be a lot of anger in the person who did it and I just want to know what exactly did he do to deserve to get killed like that,” Danville resident Briana Guerreo said. “I mean, not to be killed period, but if he was going to get killed, why something so vicious.”

Discovery files from the state were given to the defense Tuesday.

"I mean he was a great people person, he was always out there and I guess, from my understanding, he helped a tremendous amount of people,” Danville resident Ryan Walsh said.

A pretrial hearing has been set for May 7.

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