Warrensburg-Latham students compete in food drive

Warrensburg-Latham students compete in food drive (WICS)

"It's great because not only is it in our community, we have a lot of kids that also need help with food insecurity, but it helps them understand the reasoning behind why we do it," said Kyli Burge, a teacher at Warrensburg-Latham. "Especially at a young age we try to teach our elementary kids why we're doing it."

Students in the Warrensburg-Latham school district are competing with each other for a great cause.

Every year students raise money and food donations for a canned food drive where each building in the district has a goal to reach.

A teacher tells us they raised $8,400 and that was matched by the Howard Buffet Foundation making the monetary donation just over $16,000. They also filled up about two trailers worth of food.

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