Man wakes up to 10 snakes in apartment, now he wants out

(Photo courtesy of Isaac Burton)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A Lynchburg man woke up to not one, not two, but 10 unwelcome visitors inside his apartment.

Isaac Burton said nine of those visitors were baby snakes and one was the mother snake.

He said he saw the snakes out of the corner of his eye when he woke up Monday morning and couldn't believe it was happening inside his home.

"There was about approximately nine baby snakes and there was a mother sitting there in the corner," Burton said. "The baby ones were probably about this big and then the mother was probably about this big here."

He immediately called his property management, Brownstone Properties.

The business confirmed they went to Burton's apartment to remove the snakes, and that they followed protocol, removed the snakes, and then had Dodson Pest Control go inside to put down treatment to keep the snakes from coming back.

"They're called catch masters." Burton said. "They're sort of a sticky substance and residue for any mouse or any type of rodent if it crawls on there it will really cause them not to go anywhere because of how sticky it is."

Burton said he has no idea how the snakes got inside, but he wants out.

He said they were in the cracks of the carpet, the mom was in the corner, and they even pulled the carpet up to see if there were any more.

"I'm not even willing to stay here either because it's not safe environment," he said.

According to his contract, he must give a 60 day notice, but Burton thinks it should be immediate.

"There shouldn't be a two month prior notice when there's snakes and stuff crawling on your carpet," he said.

Brownstone Properties said after removing the snakes, they gave Burton two options: he can give a standard 60 day notice or he can move into a different unit.

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