Woman crashes into Springfield home; charged with DUI

Woman crashes into Springfield home; charged with DUI

A Springfield woman woke up to a car crashing into her home Saturday morning. Police charged the person behind the wheel with driving under the influence.

The car created gaping hole in the front end of the Springfield home in the 500 block of Laurel Street.

"That was pretty scary,” the woman in the house, Bethany Snelson, said.

Police said someone driving under the influence, came down Laurel Street, "ramped up a small hill" and flew straight into the dining room.

Snelson was asleep inside.

"I’m just really thankful it wasn't my bedroom,” Snelson said.

Snelson came out of the incident unscathed.

“I was sleeping in the back room,” she said. “And I was woken up at 5:30, by a gigantic boom."

Police were not her first call.

"I remember calling my grandmother and being like, ‘There's a car in my house. It shouldn't be there’,” Snelson said.

Just down the street, Dewayne Albright, said he's flabbergasted.

“What happened?” Albright said. “I thought there was a big explosion or something!"

He said it could've happened to his home and his family.

"Kind of scary,” Albright said. “That could be my house."

He said it's possible his home may not have been so lucky.

"She probably drove down my street. It could have been me,” Albright said. “Drinking and driving is very bad."

Now Snelson is picking up the pieces.

"One of the first things the firefighter said was somebody could have died,” Snelson said.

It could have been a tragedy, but Snelson said it ended the best it could.

"It did end up pretty well; Most of my possessions are okay,” Snelson said. “The speed to ramp up and hit it, my house just went 'nope' and didn't let anybody in."

Police are still investigating the crash.

As of Sunday, police have yet to release the condition of the woman driving.

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