What To Do If Storms Hit While You're Outside

If you’re out in an open field or a remote area, however, finding shelter indoors can be difficult. (WCCU)

With storms likely this weekend, it's important to know what to do if severe weather hits when you're outdoors. Experts say try to seek shelter during storms, but sometimes it can be hard to find outdoors.

The Champaign County Emergency Management Agency said you should have a way to get severe weather alerts, to make sure you have enough time to find shelter. Especially given how unpredictable the weather can be.

"Here in Central Illinois we've had weather without a watch or a warning, so things can change," John Dwyer, the coordinator for Champaign County Management Agency, said. "You know, one minute we're having cold temperatures where there's a frost warning and the next thing you know we're having 80 or 90-degree weather."

If you're outdoors and see lightning, hear thunder or tornado sirens, you need to leave the area immediately to find shelter as soon as possible.

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