Weatherizing your home to keep the cold air out

Weatherizing your home to keep the cold air out

There are so many different places cold air can be coming into your home, doors, windows, chimneys. However, there are some simple things you can do to keep that cold air out.

Noonan True Value Hardware share that like buying insulation kits for your window and draft stoppers on the bottom of your doors can help.

They said they've recently seen a lot of people coming in asking for materials that can help keep the hot air inside and the cold air out.

"You can simply put it together and slide it underneath the door so it will open up and close along with the door so it will just smash up against the door," Kerry Noonan-lewis with Noonan Hardware said.

"These are pretty simple steps to do, unfortunately, you can't do much on the outside, it's too cold for the humans, too cold for things to stick so do what you can on the inside to keep mother nature out,"

Noonan also recommends leaving your faucets dripping, It can be costly but it will help prevent pipes from freezing.

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