Springfield Ward 6 Clean-up is more than picking up trash

Ward 6 Clean-up is more than picking up trash

It was rainy for most of Saturday and yet dozens of residents were determined to pick up loads of trash. They said it could build neighborhood relationships while beautifying their area.

There were metal scraps, plastic bottles, paper plates, and all sorts of other trash across the streets and alleys near the center of Springfield.

"We have a trash problem in this community,” said Springfield’s Ward 6 Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso.

Saturday, dozens woke up early to pick up trash which was an effort led by Ald. DiCenso and the Neighborhood Associations.

"Many gave up their Saturday mornings to come out and pick up trash,” said Ald. DiCenso. “So, I think that speaks volumes of what people think of their neighborhood and of this ward."

Ward 6 sits in the middle of Springfield. There were residents young and old out to help.

"We teach them young. We get them involved and we show them the right thing to do,” Ald. Kristin Dicenso.

One resident was just 13-years-old.

"People litter for no reason,” said young Chelsey Gentry. “And so we try to make our neighborhood look nicer so people actually want to come here and actually interact with other people."

In the last couple of months, Alderman DiCenso said their area has seen several home and car break ins. Some residents think the trash pick-up could help deter crime.

"How people take care of their neighborhood is about health and safety,” said the president of the Harvard Park Association, Polly Poskin.

She said she hopes this can build community relations, neighbor interaction, and trust.

"We're hoping that our administration, our city council sees this as sort of a standard as how the city of Springfield should look for the residents and the visitors who come here,” Poskin said.

"It's great to conversate with everybody,” said the Neighborhood Watch President, Kenneth Sanders. “So we really like to see the positive."

They want Ward 6 to be a role model for the rest of the town.

"This is a huge effort and I just really appreciate everyone taking the time to do it,” said Ald. Dicenso.

Ald. DiCenso said they have Springfield’s Public Works Department to thank for the supplies, vests, and equipment. She said the Springfield Police Department also came to help out in the pickup appearance Saturday.

The other wards have had clean ups. This is the first Ward 6-wide clean up.

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