Village of Jerome facing financial struggles, losing largest business

Village of Jerome facing financial struggles, losing largest business. (WICS)

The village of Jerome is facing budget cuts, after a tax levy was shot down earlier this week by voters.

On top of that, one of the biggest businesses in the village is closing.

While Jerome has a population of 1,600, many of us drive through the village every day.

People in Jerome said keeping the community a village is key for them.

"I've lived here all my life and I just like the close-knit community that we have. Lower taxes for some things. The police force is right over there, close to the house. I just think it's a nice place to live inside Springfield," Resident Owen Brown said.

But the village now faces two financial challenges - one, voters have rejected a tax levy that would have brought the village an estimated $45,000 a year. The second, Jerome is set to lose its biggest business by the end of November - Shop 'n Save.

"The board is to sit down and we're going to start figuring out what we need to cut down - online items and re-tweak the services we offer our residents," Village President Michael Lopez said.

The village president said some services, like tree limb pick-up and road repairs may need to be put on hold or less frequent.

"They've done some of them, but you drive down some of the roads and they're just terrible. I mean, they're getting to them as they can, but I think, especially the road I live on, needs to be done - widened out and cleaned up a little bit," Lopez said.

Even though Jerome is facing cuts, the president said the village is here to stay.

But, some said they think the village's spending needs to be cut, instead of adding a tax levy.

"Yes, there was a comment made by some people; it's a spending issue. This board has aggressively cut reductions and staff and also other things and we're doing the best we can with this situation," Lopez said.

The village president said it's now looking to attract a new business to replace this major tax revenue for the village.

Shop 'n Save is expected to close by the end of November.

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