Village Divided: Chatham Researching Switch To CWLP Water


It's a village divided, when it comes to water quality.

"It's hard, but other than that we haven't' seen problems with our water at all. It actually tastes very good," said Phil Bradley.

"Sometimes it has a sulfur, sewer, rotten egg smell. I do not drink the water," said Chatham resident Amy Mann.

The water even has the Chatham Village Board in disagreement.

"I believe the issues we had before are clearing up. Maybe not as fast as some would like," said Trustee Matthew Mau.

"We are not receiving high quality water. We have very expensive water and poor quality. I think it's very frustrating for the citizens," said Trustee Mark Clayton.

Trustee Clayton says some residents have been dealing with brown, corrosive, and smelly water for far too long.

"What I am proposing is we take a look at our options of continuing the relationship with the South Sangamon Water Commission. What our contractual obligations are and if there is any option to move elsewhere," said Clayton.

It's a potential move that could bring Chatham back to Springfield's CWLP, but it could also mean the village defaults on millions of dollars in loans

"I really don't think that's a burden we need to put on the people of Chathams property tax back because to me that would be astronomical," said Trustee Mau.

"It's a risk I am willing to take, because it is such precious resource," said Mann.

Amy Mann says that resource has been getting worse. Some people have sent her photos of hair loss. They believe it's from the water and they want CWLP back.

"At this point I think this is the only thing we can do to get good water to this community. I don't see any way to fix our problems with the water plant," said Mann.

Meanwhile, residents like Phil Bradley will continue to drink the water.

"Any system that is new, takes awhile to adjust," said Bradley.

The Village of Chatham says their water does meet EPA standards. There is a village board meeting Tuesday at 7:00 where this issue will be discussed.

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