Exclusive: US Marshal clings to vehicle during police chase

    US Marshal clings to vehicle during police chase (WICS)

    Illinois State Police have unsealed dash camera video that shows the moment a fleeing suspect leads police on a high speed chase back in February 2018.

    The video also shows a U.S. Marshal being physically dragged with the vehicle as it sped away from police.

    It all began when Illinois State Police pulled over a black Mazda SUV in Riverton over speeding and suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

    After the unidentified state trooper ordered the female driver out of the car, the trooper notices someone hop into the drivers seat and speed off.

    While in pursuit, three law enforcement officers tried to intervene and stop the vehicle, but were unsuccessful. As a result, one U.S. Marshal failed to let go of the fleeing vehicle and was dragged about a half-mile down Prairie School Road in Riverton.

    "He is dragging a marshal. I'm requesting additional units now," the trooper communicates to dispatchers.

    The U.S. Marshal was able to let go of the car and was nearly struck by the cruiser in pursuit.

    "The authorities were approaching this defendant because he had a $200,000 warrant out for his arrest for the manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance," said John Milhiser, former Sangamon County State's Attorney.

    The suspect was quickly identified as 31-year-old Robert Collins.

    Robert Collins is due back in court for a hearing on attempted first-degree murder charges next month. (Sangamon County Sheriff's Office)

    In the video, Collins could be seen allegedly weaving through traffic on Sangamon Avenue. At one point, he veers into traffic in the opposite direction, nearly striking a semi-truck and several cars.

    Collins allegedly proceeds to the Dirksen Parkway and Clear Lake Avenue where he abandons the vehicle and starts to run. Police were able to arrest him a short time later.

    "Thankfully no one was severely injured in this case, but it's just another example of the dangers that law enforcement face each and every day," Milhiser said.

    Court documents show the woman in the video faced minor charges related to the case.

    Collins is due back in court for a hearing on attempted first degree murder charges next month.

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