Veterans sit down with national representatives to express concerns

    Veterans sit down with national representatives to express concerns

    On Saturday, U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood sat down with local veterans, asking them what they need on a national level.

    It's for the 8th annual veteran advisory board meeting.

    "They've sacrificed for us so now we have to go to Washington D.C. and make sure they're getting the resources,” said LaHood.

    LaHood serves Illinois’ District 18, the district with the largest veteran population.

    He said it's his duty to fight for their rights.

    "Make sure they're getting the healthcare they deserve. Make sure our young veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan that they're getting the educational needs they need and also the job training they need to fit back into our society,” said LaHood.

    LaHood said each meeting he learns more about the struggles veterans are enduring.

    "When we listen to our veterans here we take their message back on how we can improve healthcare for our veterans, making sure they're getting the benefits, making sure that when they go to the doctor they're getting the help they need,” he explained.

    Bobby Edwards served in the army for 36 years

    He was drafted during Vietnam, but continued to serve.

    His last tour was in Iraq.

    This prompted him to sit on the board and talk with national lawmakers.

    "It's good to have interface with your national representatives to be able to take back issues and suggestions that would help correct the disparity we have within the veterans administration,” said Edwards.

    LaHood they are currently working on appropriations, health care legislation and targeting PTSD.

    He'll now bring the feedback he received back with him.

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