Unseasonably hot weather could help local farmers

Unseasonably hot weather could help farmers.

The unseasonably hot May weather is good news for local farmers.

Many farmers said their peak planting time is mid-April, but this year the ground was too cold from the lingering winter weather.

This delayed farmers about two weeks.

However, as May hit, temperatures hit record highs, which helped farmers quickly make up for lost time.

"It was nice that it did dry out and then we were able to get and get 'er done. 'Most all the corn went in within a week and then we started on beans, or I did, and then we got a little bit of rain and then finished that up," explained Daniel Henebry.

Farmers said even though they got a late start planting, they don't expect it to affect harvest time.

However, some farmers said often times corn is ready for Labor Day and that most likely won't be the case this year.

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