Two lives saved by Springfield Fire Department's alarm campaign

    Two lives saved by Springfield Fire Department's alarm campaign. (WRSP)

    The Springfield Fire Department is celebrating two lives saved by its Sound the Alarm Campaign.

    The department teamed up with the Red Cross to install over 2,600 alarms in homes across the city.

    The home is torn apart and fire officials said if the victims wouldn't have gotten out as quick as they did, this fire would have definitely killed them.

    Now, this Springfield grandpa is counting his blessings.

    "A bunch of black smoke and I grabbed my grandson and we ran out of the house," Valcun Carmel, victim, said.

    A piercing sound rang through a Springfield home early Oct. 29.

    Valcun Carmel and his four-year-old grandson were sleeping when the fire alarm went off.

    His home was later engulfed in flames.

    "Something just woke up and when I first woke up, I heard the alarm that the Salvation Army put in," Carmel said.

    The Springfield Fire Department and the Red Cross worked together to install 2,600 fire alarms throughout Springfield.

    Valcun's home was one of the houses with an alarm installed.

    Springfield Fire Department said the alarm allowed Valcun to get him and his grandson out quickly.

    "Unfortunately, the outcome would have been grim had he not had working smoke alarms in his home. The smoke alarms are what woke him in the morning, so it's quite likely the smoke would have just overcome him and his grandson in their sleep and they quite likely wouldn't have made it out of their home," Fire Marshal Chris Richmond said.

    By the time fire crews arrived on scene, fire poured out of the windows.

    This is one of six major house fires in homes with the new alarms.

    Springfield Fire Department said this incident really shows how fire alarms really do save lives.

    Valcun and his grandson couldn't be more thankful.

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