Trash covering Springfield home, neighbors fed up

Some residents who live on 15th Street in Springfield said they are fed up. (WICS)

Some residents who live on 15th Street in Springfield said they are fed up.

The reason, five months ago trash began piling up on their neighbor’s front lawn.

“It's not enjoyable to live across the street from such a mess," said Joie Schuh, who lives in Springfield.

Schuh bought her home 12 years ago. She said she's always dreamed of where she would spend her life, but it's anything other than a dream come true.

“I chose Springfield to do it because I thought it was a great community but it hasn't been such a great community,” said Schuh.

Neighbors said it's not just looking at the mess that's the problem.

They said bugs and rodents came with the trash.

Now, some residents are looking to relocate.

“It's very frustrating,"said one homeowner in the area. "We are looking for a house to buy just to get away from here. We love all of our other neighbors but we're just tired of living with it."

Multiple people said they've called and reported the house to the Sangamon County Department of Public Health, but they also said nothing has happened.

“We are taxpayers just like everyone else and I feel like I deserve help and I’m getting nowhere."

Newschannel 20 reached out to Greg Stumpf, the county leader for Sangamon County District 16 and sent him pictures of the house.

Stumpf said he had no clue about this alleged health hazard. He shares that having garbage on your property is a violation of county code.

The Sangamon County Department of Public Health said when they receive a complaint, they'll send inspectors to the house and violations will be given as they see fit.

Residents said they just want the house cleaned up.

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