Township discusses new transportation assistance options

    Township discusses new transportation assistance options

    The Capital Township, which encompasses Springfield, had a townhall Monday to discuss general assistance needed by township residents.

    Capital Township leaders are discussing new transportation assistance options for income-qualifying Springfield residents.

    Springfield residents expressed the need for more transportation options to and from work at a Monday night townhall meeting.

    Township leaders cited several transportation programs that haven’t proven successful in the past. General Assistance Office director Kathe Pierce says the township used to offer a bus pass, but the program was shut down after few residents utilized the assistance. The township has also considered a gas assistance program, however, leaders did not go through with the program, saying it would be hard to regulate.

    Now city leaders plan to revisit the topic.

    “If you are not able to get to your job, you can't afford it or perhaps you have a car, but you don't have gas money,” Springfield resident Linda Harker said. “In order to be a dependable employee, you have to be to work everyday. So people are needing the assistance."

    It’s unclear what will happen to township assistance programs if it is dissolved, a proposal set to be on the November ballot.

    "If you really, really want to get to a place from point A to point B, you'll get on the bus and get there,” Township Board of Trustee member Lakeisha Purchase said. “And I believe in people who want to work really, really hard, but we have to help them sometimes, too."

    Dissolving the township could mean combining public services with Sangamon County.

    To see if you qualify for township assistance programs, you can contact the Captial Township office here.

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