Tips To Help You Save On Your Heating Bills

Tips To Help You Save On Your Heating Bills / WICS

Prairie Insulation General Manager Fiore Belmonte says it's easy to put efficient insulation in new homes, but not old ones.

"We have a lot to do sometimes," Belmonte said. "We have a lot of houses that are deficient in Springfield, and so upgrading that attic, upgrading that crawlspace can make a huge difference on your energy bills this year."

He says he's seen energy bills cut in half after home owners insulated their house, but it's not just the material. He said it's important to make sure doors and windows are air-tight as well.

"Sometimes you have bad windows, they leak. That hurts. Your antiquated furnace can really hurt your bills. There's so much better equipment out there now."

Allied Heating and Plumbing Manager Michael Miller says cleaning your furnace filter at least once a year goes a long way.

"Make sure that that furnace can breathe. Making sure that it's getting the right amount of air flow in order for the best comfort, for the best efficiency and to prevent those huge problems."

He says the biggest misconception about heating is that you conserve energy by turning the thermostat down when you leave and back up when you get home.

"Running the system at a constant temperature, so the house does not have as many temperature swings for the furnace to try and keep up with the temperatures on the outside."

He also says hiring someone for preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run by adding years of efficient life to your furnace.

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