Theresa Cox's family speaks out after remains are identified

Theresa Cox's family speaks out after remains are identified.

The family of Theresa Cox said it has been a difficult few days trying to process how no one discovered her remains for 48 days, despite them being located only two doors away from where she was last seen.

"You don't want to believe it, you don't know what to feel," Cox’s mother, Nancy Hall said.

Hall is calling it the worst-case scenario after she said she was the one who made the call to authorities about a foul odor in an alleyway by their home.

Hall said she doesn’t understand why the compost bin, where she said Cox’s remains were recovered were not search or picked up prior to the foul odor call.

"When a person is missing, when they're in distraught, I think every policeman, everybody should look in every anthole. You don't pass anything by," Hall said.

Cox’s sister, Brenda Nelson, said Cox being found at a nearby home was not surprising to her as the families knew each other.

Cox was last seen by her family on March 23 after they said she took several muscle relaxers.

"She was back there because and we should have thought about it. It was a familiar area to her she always went back there as a kid," Brenda Nelson, Theresa’s sister, said.

But finding Cox’s remains so close to home and where several officers searched, raises new questions.

Specifically, why did no one search in the compost bin before the smell was noticed.

"I wish that people that were searching, had enough courage to maybe look in [the compost bin]," Hall said.

Neighbors said they were all contacted about where to search by Springfield Police Department in relation to the case when it was a missing person’s case.

"They contacted everyone in the neighborhood, including ourselves asking us to look in places to where there might be someone hidden," a neighbor, Gill Cole said.

Cox’s family wants people to remember her for her love of life.

"She loved her family and animals. It's very hard to take that she was that close and we left her there for so long," Nelson said.

We reached out to Springfield Police to try and learn a little more about their standard procedures for missing persons cases.

They said they are grateful for everyone who helped to search for Theresa.

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