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The meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day. (Screenshot of video 5/30/22 WICS){ }{p}{/p}
Memorial Day. (Screenshot of video 5/30/22 WICS)

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The end of May is always dedicated to Memorial Day where we honor our fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day, which was originally named Decoration Day, is day where you honor those who have fought and died for this country. It represents society’s appreciation for their service, and some have a different way of show their thanks.

In Springfield at the Oak Ridge Cemetery, residents can visit the memorials of solders from World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War and the Desert Storm. Soldiers' names are listed on a statue of the war that they were involved in.

“So, we're here at the memorials that we have for the state of Illinois located in Oak Ridge Cemetery, managed by the state of Illinois, to continuously remember those who have served and especially those who have died– those families who have lost loved ones,” said Justin Blandford, superintendent of office of land management.

The Memorial Day holiday is celebrated across the United States and has been since 1866. This holiday gives people who have lost loved ones in war a sense a closure. For some they celebrate it by barbecuing and spending time with their loves ones while others attend services and visit gravesites.

Deborah Toddle says "I come around this time every year. It's a year where I say I honor him I respect him but most of all it's an emotional day as indicated, because then you feel the heart of the pain that you really love this person. Memorial Day is a day where we don't celebrate by having cookouts barbecues. We need to come here and we need to honor those who died and served our country."

A Memorial Day service held on Monday at Camp Butler National Cemetery was another way people could remember the fallen. The service happens every year right after the annual flag placement ceremony. With hundreds of soldiers' gravesites, families can see how their loved is remembered.

“So, we have approximately 23,500 people that are buried here. I feel it's important to always remember those have sacrificed, and anytime you can visit cemetery and anytime you have time to visit the cemetery and hollow grounds and the history of cemetery must be like anyone should do that” said Victor Reed, director of Camp Butler National Cemetery.

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Memorial Day is not only celebrated in May, but its everyday someone must live without their fallen soldiers, and its way for those families to see they’re that loved one’s heroics are being recognized.

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