Taylorville Tornado: 10 days later, recovery efforts going strong

Taylorville Tornado: 10 days later, recovery efforts going strong. (WICS)

It's been 10 days since the EF-3 tornado ripped through Taylorville, leaving behind mounds and mounds of destruction.

"A lot of structure damage," Taylorville resident Tracie Pounds said. "We've lost all the pines and all the fencings and all the awning and the roofs and windows and doors."

A lot of work has been done over the past week. Cars are now able to drive down roads as volunteers and workers continue to clear debris and uprooted trees.

"It really brings out the good in people," Taylorville resident Beverly Scott said. "You look out and have all these people that you have no idea who they are. They're coming, they're trimming trees, they're getting brush, you know, just working around."

Now, much of what's left to clean up is personal property. Taylorville Fire Chief Mike Crews said the Department of Corrections is providing inmates to help pick up debris and load trucks. The city is also working on placing dumpsters around town for residents to use.

"[We're] trying to embed Disaster Recovery Relief's debris, along with normal daily loads, so it's going to be a little challenging," Chief Crews said. "Hopefully a year from now this will be just kind of a bad memory, but we're going to be working on it for months."

Despite the destruction that remains, residents are still finding a glimmer of hope in the situation.

"I want to thank God that he spared every life out here," Pounds said. "All this stuff can be replaced and it may take years of what we've built to get to this place, but when you look all about it, this stuff is nothing compared to having people still alive. And you can replace and you can rebuild.

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