Taylorville park vandalized; police search for suspect

Taylorville park vandalized; police search for suspect.JPG

Taylorville police are searching for whoever is behind graffiti and destroyed Christmas lights at two local parks.

The first park hit by vandalism was Manners Park.

Christmas light wires were cut and displays were knocked over.

The second target was Jaynes Park, where swastikas and racial slurs were spray painted all over brand new playground equipment.

The Taylorville Park District said enough is enough and want to find out who's behind destroying a space everyone enjoys.

"I don't understand why you would hurt something that your tax dollars or your parents' tax dollars are going to pay for,” Recreation Director Bailey Hancock said.

“I urge anyone with any information to come forward so does this not continue to happen."

It took a total of 8 hours for employees to clean and scrub everything at both parks.

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