Taylorville church gives back to those helping to repair the city

Taylorville tornado damage (Dustin Yantis)

As the week is coming to a close, people in Taylorville are giving back to those who are helping to rebuild their city.

It's been a rough week for a lot of people in Taylorville.

However, Thursday night, a local church is looking to give back to those who have been helping the community to rebuild.

The lights are hung and some are a little more prepared for a certain time of year.

An EF-3 tornado looked to put a halt to the holidays but some volunteers refused to let that stop their city.

"The people that have come together to help each other. They don't care who it is or anything that's happened in the past. They are willing to overcome any obstacles," said Jessica Franks, a volunteer, said.

Now they are giving back to the men and women who are working to put Taylorville back together.

"We're helping people in the tornado. It's just good and when you help people, it's also just being kind to them," said Avalyn Franks, a volunteer, said.

They are grateful for their help.

"We have several people, workers, that have been out there that are cold and hungry and so we're going to feed them tonight and tomorrow as well," Pastor Curtis Franks said.

This isn't the only thing the Crossroads Apostolic Ministries has worked to do for the people in Taylorville.

"We have worked with the Red Cross as a shelter and also feeding people," Franks said.

With thousands of dollars of donations given for the church to give to others, the holiday season and the future of Taylorville is shining as bright as holiday lights.

They said if you would like to join for the dinner they will have Friday, it's going to be held at the church at 6:30 p.m.

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