Taylorville brings in dump trucks to clear debris

    Taylorville brings in dump trucks to clear debris. (WICS)

    Saturday, dump trucks were in Taylorville trying to help people rid the city of debris.

    Anyone could come and throw away what was left behind from the December 1st tornadoes.

    The Mayor of Taylorville, Bruce Barry said right now the city is working to clear out debris from houses and businesses, like shingles, glass and siding.

    He calls it the first step to normalcy.

    "It seems like once you get the debris picked up, people start getting more optimistic that things are going to get better and it allows the construction crews to come in and start their work," said Barry.

    We talked to the mayor of Washington, Illinois earlier this week, who said cleaning debris as quickly as possible is what helped his city.

    The city of Washington was hit with an EF4 tornado five years ago.

    Washington mayor Gary Menier said not only does clearing debris help the city rebuild faster, but also stops pollution.

    "Getting rid of debris is probably the best and quickest thing to do. If debris lays there all winter there's no telling what can happen with installation and shingles everything," said Menier.

    Barry said it may take anywhere from three to five years to get back to normal.

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