Summer reading program in Lincoln

Mommy Matters

It's a place where imagination runs wild.

"Library is a place where they can learn a lot of things.We've been to the library programs over the years when they were toddlers."

And they've been visiting the endless rows of books ever since.

"Now that they are getting older they choose the books, they are out looking for books right now. They each get to get three books."

But it's not just books at the Lincoln Library in Springfield; the summer is filled with entertainment.

"No only can you sign up for the reading program, we also have 35 or 36 great progams to come to."

On this day, members of the YMCA's gymnastics teams are wowing the crowd.

From crafts to performances and of course story time, there's something for everyone. And it's all free.

"We want to combat what we call the summer slide. Especially kids in school read every single day. Then they take a break and have to play catch up at the beginning of next year."

And that's why Jay Thompson makes sure his goddaughters know the importance of reading year-round.

"I always tell them, the more you read, the more you know. And they can quote that back to anybody."

Gaining knowledge through reading is a valuable tool that will guide them through life.

"If you're going to be a doctor you've got to read, if you're going to be a scientist you've got to read, if you're going to be a mechanic, you have to read, if you want to make bread, you have to be able to read the recipe."

You can check with your local library - most of them hold their own summer reading program.

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