String of crimes target Springfield neighborhood

String of crimes targets Springfield neighborhood

The Harvard Park neighborhood has seen a string of crimes.

In just two weeks there have been nine property crimes and one robbery, according to Springfield Police.

The crimes have a common pattern and are targeting outdoor properties.

One residence had patio furniture was stolen, another a fire pit, and even a turkey fryer.

Many residents said the spike in crimes has them worried, especially for the children that live in the neighborhood.

“What’s going to happen to them if we don’t get this area cleaned up and to feel it’s a community where people can live without feeling like they’re in prison,” said Patricia Jacobs who is a resident of Harvard Park.

Now, the entire community is banding together through community watch.

“We’ve got extra ears and eyes out for everybody and we do extra patrols and we’ve got other people in the neighborhood doing things to look out for each other,” said Keneth Sanders the Neighborhood Watch president.

There have also been surveillance systems set up throughout the area.

Springfield Police said nine property crimes in such a short time is alarming.

Officers said whenever crime patterns like this pop up their criminal investigations unit start looking for common trends to help locate suspects.

SPD is urging people everyone in the community to be extra vigilant and take precautions like bringing in outdoor furniture.

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