Wave of bomb threats sent to businesses in Illinois, nationwide

Here's a map of the areas that received bomb threats late Thursday.

There were several bomb threats sent throughout the nation Thursday.

Courthouses, businesses, even hospitals received the same message, which said to pay up.

“It’s scary with our hospitals - this is not something you want being messed with,” said Jennifer Wright, a Decatur resident.

Many different places all received a similar message earlier Thursday, which contained a bomb threat to the place it was sent to.

The email said to pay the sender in Bitcoin currency to keep the bomb threat from happening.

“It’s basically an untraceable way to pay for things. Like I was telling you, on the dark web they use it so you can’t trace any purchases,” Wright said.

Decatur Police Department said they quickly deemed the threats to Decatur Memorial Hospital and Decatur Manor as not credible.

Despite this happening throughout the nation, some cannot believe it happened in their hometown.

“It’s really scary, because hospitals and medical facilities aren’t really something you want being messed with,” Wright said.

Now the search is on for who sent these messages and why.

Decatur Police said this is still an ongoing investigation.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office took a third file from A-LERT Constriction but also deemed it non-credible.

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