Storm Team raises $1,900 for Children's Dyslexia Center

Storm Team raises $1,900 for Children's Dyslexia Center (WICS)

Every month the Fox Illinois Storm Team pairs up with Green Family Stores to give back to local charities.

For the month of September, Fox Illinois teamed up with the Children's Dyslexia Center of Springfield and was able to raise $1,900.

The Center not only provides free tutoring for young students but also trains teachers and adults to teach students with dyslexia.

“Generally speaking about 20 percent of the population has trouble learning to read,” said Dyslexia Center Director Robin Armbrecht. “Somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of those people are dyslexic."

"That would absolutely be a hard hill or a hard battle for a young person to go through I’m sure,” said Mike Quimby, with Green Family Stores. “We're glad to be part of this and help in any way we can."

The charity for the month of October is the Outlet.

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