State representatives play principal for the day

State representatives play principal for the day (WICS)

It's National Principal Month, which prompted the program "Principal for the Day".

It’s a statewide program, where state representatives take a walk in the shoes of school leaders.

On Thursday, Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez visited New Berlin Elementary.

"I'm here in New Berlin as a pretzel to be principal for the day," said Wojcicki Jimenez.

Wojcicki Jimenez walked the halls, where she observed classes throughout the entire school.

The goal of the visit, getting a firsthand look at what's happening with local schools, both the positive and negative.

“It's just really listening to what they have to say about a variety of things and as we're implementing or talking about legislation or laws in Springfield, really keeping that in mind as we make our decisions," said Wojcicki Jimenez.

However, it wasn't just about politics, it was about connecting children to what they're learning in the classroom and that's exactly what she did for students in Mrs. Ehrman's 4th-grade class.

"It's very interesting because you can see her point of view and see how you feel and see if there's a connection and you can see how important her job really is," said Drue Zenger, a fourth-grade student at New Berlin Elementary.

Students heard real-life examples, like how legislatures had to work through their differences when working to pass a budget.

"It taught me a disagreement is okay and you don't have to always vote for one another," said Andrew Bishoff, a fourth-grade student at New Berlin Elementary.

Wojcicki Jimenez said our youth are the future and it's vital to engage them in politics at an early age.

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