State representative demands Speaker Madigan's resignation

House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, walking to brief the press Tuesday at the state Capitol on the budget plan proposed by his caucus. (Photo by Rachel Droze)

A state representative called for the House Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation Tuesday.

This after he just let go a long-time aide, accused of sexual harassment.

Democratic campaign worker Alaina Hampton alleged Madigan’s long-time political aide Kevin Quinn sexually harassed her.

Last year, she told a Chicago Alderman about the harassment and in November, she outlined the harassment in a letter she sent to Madigan.

Madigan fired Quinn Monday after an investigation found Quinn sent inappropriate texts.

Hampton said she doesn't know why that investigation took so long after she first told the Alderman a year ago.

"You've known about this for a year,” Hampton said. “You allowed people in the organization to believe that I betrayed you by quitting even though I told you that I was scared to be at the office."

Hampton said she feels like her harasser was protected and has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint.

Representative Scott Drury Highwood Democrat said it’s time lawmakers stop pretending that Madigan might not have known about the harassment.

Madigan responded, saying Drury’s continuing to push Rauner’s agenda.

"I will continue to be a strong force against the Rauner radical right agenda so long as I’m the speaker, so for Drury to say that I should step aside, that's the same thing as Rauner saying that I should step aside, which I don't plan to do," Madigan said.

Madigan said after receiving the letter from Hampton, he quickly asked for the situation to be investigated.

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