State Considering Switch From ACT To SAT Testing

    State Considering Switch From ACT, To SAT Testing / WICS

    The college entrance exam for students in Illinois could soon change. After more than a decade of offering the ACT, the State Board of Education is now considering the SAT.

    School districts are still waiting for more information from the State Board of Education. A switch hasn't been made yet, but the state board said last month giving the SAT would be cheaper. It would be a cost almost $1.5 million less each year than the ACT.

    If approved, changes could come as early as this spring.

    School superintendents say that could mean challenges for them. They're already in the process of placing orders for the ACT because the state isn't paying the bill this year.

    "We have a lot of communication to do. A lot of preparation to do to make sure students and families know of that switch. If they are going to pay for it and it's going to be given this spring then we need to cancel what we ordered for ACT," said District 186 Superintendent Jennifer Gill.

    Local colleges will be seeing changes as well if the state moves to an SAT test.

    University of Illinois, Springfield accepts both SAT and ACT scores.

    The university says Illinois switching to the SAT shouldn't affect future students, but could affect the school's employees.

    "I think the people that work with the scores will have to get used to the new SAT scoring. For a while I think they will rely on what that means in a ACT kind of language as opposed to looking straight at the SAT score," said Assistant Director of Admissions at UIS, Kathryn Kleeman.

    Currently, if a student applies to UIS with an SAT score, it is converted to an ACT score.

    School districts say switching college entrance exams won't affect their curriculums because the tests are very similar.

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