Springfield Walmart fined thousands over zoning violation

Springfield Walmart fined thousands over a zoning violation.

It's a fine that began last year in November over complaints.

The fines have added up to a little over $18,000. Springfield’s Walmart on the south side of town was fined $500 a day for 35 days due to a zoning violation.

The violations are due to tractor trailers parking overnight in the parking lot, obstructing the driver’s views when leaving the parking lot.

However, the fines could also impact the other Walmarts across Springfield.

Being safe at night is the main concern for truckers after a long day on the road.

"You know, federal regulations require they take a, have to take 10 hours off after driving," Midwest Truckers Association Executive Vice President Don Schaefer said.

After a zoning violation was given to a Walmart on the city's south side, some are wondering where they are supposed to go.

"The problem is, is there's not enough truck stops, there are not enough rest areas anywhere for the trucks to safely park and to get their rest," Schaefer said.

Springfield said the $500-a-day fines started out of concern for drivers and their view when leaving the parking lot.

"They're obstructing vision for the drivers and somebody's going to get hurt here or killed there," Ward 1 Alderman Check Redpath said.

The fines only stopped after the superstore presented a new parking plan for approval within the zoning code.

"Yes, I believe they are getting to the point where the fines are going to drop off now. But believe me, people are watching, I went over there on Sunday on my way to church and there were four trucks parked in there," Redpath said.

But to truckers and those in support of truckers, it raises the question of where do they go if they are not allowed to park in the lots or there is no room at a rest stop.

Redpath said the amount of complaints for driver safety is what led to the city zoning violation impacting Walmart happening in the first place.

Now, truckers cannot park overnight in a way that will obstruct driver's views in the parking lot.

Truck drivers must follow certain regulations, which includes how long they can drive in a single day.

That means they must pull over and rest for 10 hours when they hit the maximum number of hours.

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