Springfield Right to Life March one week after Women’s March to the Polls

Springfield Right to Life March one week after Women’s March to the Polls

Thousands were at the 44th Annual March for Life rally in DC.

This comes just days after the global women's march and issues are colliding.

The anti-abortion passion was also felt here locally, with hundreds marching through Springfield to the capitol.

"It's a tough issue, hard issues make bad law,” said the President to Right for Life, Tim Moore. “Life is beautiful right there."

Moore rallied to teach millennials Illinois’ legislation.

"The theme of this year's rally is: ‘We are the pro-life generation’ and I can't think of a better statement than a couple hundred young people full of enthusiasm for life,” he said.

Last year, the governor signed a bill allowing women's healthcare to include abortions.

One mom, Tracy Brummer, said that's not okay.

“You know every life is precious from beginning to end.”

"Illinois is becoming a sanctuary state for abortions,” said Judy Repking. “And that is not right. We're here to stand up for life."

Sunday started with Mass for Life at the Sacred Heart Church, and shortly after, attendees joined the march to the capitol.

"I can understand you may be scared,” said Annie Ochs, one marcher. “I feel like this is something you know you will regret. Taking that life, you will regret it, and so there are people who care, people who would love to adopt your child."

This comes right after the global Women's March, a fight for human rights, including, as one Springfield organizer, Debbie Bandy said, the freedom of choice.

“A woman's body is her own and she should be able to control it as she desires,” Bandy said. “Because they are our own bodies! Men get to control their own bodies; their bodies are not controlled by laws."

Right to Life said they have renewed enthusiasm.

"In an issue like this that is so intertwined with moral, faith, and focus,” said Moore. “People involved and again enthusiastic it gives us great hope for the future."

Right to Life hopes local legislators will get together to ban abortions in the state.

They're also proposing to have inspections on abortion facilities.

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