Springfield residents pushing for change to end neighborhood speeding

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    Speeding is a dangerous trend, but there are some places where the limit is not always clear.

    Whenever you see a speed limit sign, its rules are straightforward.

    But what happens if you don't see these signs while driving around town?

    "I've never seen a crash there, but I'm surprised I haven't," Springfield resident Joe Tisckos said.

    Tisckos said this even started years ago, before he started driving.

    He said cars were speeding on his neighborhood's roads and doing other dangerous stunts.

    "Blowing (through) stop signs...," Tisckos said.

    Speed limit signs - they're a little hard to come by in his neighborhood.

    "We don't really have speed limit signs here. Maybe a few will do it, but it's not that important to some people. But if you live here, it's more important," Tisckos said.

    Tisckos isn't the only one who notices speedy drivers.

    "It's pretty common that they're definitely over the speed limit," Lincoln Cochran, Springfield resident, said.

    Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell said if their department receives complaints, they will put extra patrols in that location.

    Campbell said the average speed limit in neighborhoods will be between 20 to 30 miles per hour.

    "Hopefully they know what the speed limit is...there's a minimum speed limit," Cochran said.

    Cochran said he hopes drivers learn to be more cautious in neighborhoods, especially for the safety of children.

    "Children often dart around cars, even children on bicycles. You never know what they're going to do or what might happen and certainly if the speed was less, there's less potential for an accident," Cochran said.

    Remember these speeds are determined by the condition of the roads as well as how they are built.

    If you have concerns about speed limit signs in your neighborhood, contact Springfield Public Works.

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