Springfield ranks low on safest cities in Illinois list

    Springfield police vehicle. (File Photo)

    A new report from the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked the safest cities to live in Illinois based off of violent and non-violent crimes per capita.

    With number one being the safest city to live in, Springfield ranks number 111 out of 112.

    While Springfield is at the bottom of that list, many residents said they feel relatively safe.

    One Springfield resident moved from Chicago, where drugs and gangs were a problem.

    She said by the neighborhood speaking up and working together, they were able to get rid of those problems she once experienced. She said Springfield has the ability to make the same change.

    “The thing about neighborhoods, is that all neighborhoods, regardless if you're rich, poor, or whatever nationality you are, neighborhoods take care of neighborhoods,” local Springfield resident Annie Stevenson said.

    Residents also said that the community should be in communication with their neighbors and to call police if they see something suspicious.

    To view the full ranking, click here.

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