Springfield Public Works preparing for a "snow emergency"

    Snow plow (WICS)

    Springfield Public Works is preparing for a "snow emergency." If Springfield does in fact see the expected several inches of snow, crews will be busy through the weekend, working to clear roads.

    If the city declares a snow emergency, drivers will not be able park on certain roads, so the city can get through with plows.

    This is mostly in what’s referred to as "priority areas," where emergency vehicles need to get through, like around hospitals.

    After those are cleared, the goal is to reach all parts of the city with snow plows within 24 hours.

    "If we receive the amount of snow we're talking about, that's what we're setting up to do. That means we'll have our crews out and about,” Springfield Public Works Director Mark Mahoney said. “We'll probably be using some private contractors as well, putting everything we possibly can to the operation and getting it done."

    If you don't have to travel, public works suggests you stay off the roads. If you do have to travel, make sure you are prepared in case you would get stranded or have to wait on emergency responders.

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