Springfield PD gets grant to help curb violence

Springfield police vehicle. (File Photo)

Springfield City Council approved more than $100,000 in grant money to go towards curbing violence in Springfield Tuesday.

The approach includes something called "focused deterrence" and aims to help deter certain people from continuing a life of crime.

In focused deterrence, Springfield Police Department identify a list of individuals they believe are most likely to commit crimes in the city. This is based on criminal backgrounds and testimonies from other individuals in the community.

Police and the mayor then sit down with those individuals and try to steer them clear from continuing to commit crimes.

"We try to give them an opportunity to take advantage of social services, perhaps to get them to instead of committing to a life of crime, be a productive citizen," Assistant Springfield Police Chief Dyle Stokes said. "So they have an opportunity at that call in to do the right thing, or if they continue down the wrong path, to understand that they are now the focus of law enforcement."

Since the grant first started, police said they've called in around two dozen individuals. The program is in partnership with Southern Illinois University.

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