Springfield neighborhood works together to curb crime

Springfield neighborhood works together to curb crime

A string of crimes targeted the Sherwood neighborhood this year.

Now, both police and residents are working to catch anyone responsible.

One way, through a neighborhood Facebook page.

“Each neighbor knows each other. We all look out for each other and I really believe it helps deter crime in our neighborhood,” said Tracy Owens, who runs the neighborhood Facebook page.

Neighbors post on the site when they see a crime.

These posts led to security cameras covering houses throughout the area.

The neighborhood police officer saw this.

He asked residents to let him know if they had one at their home.

“If there's an incident in an area, they'll know which nearby neighbors have cameras. Maybe they can get some evidence as to who has committed the crime or whatever activity was done,” said Owens.

That’s home's like, Michael Ford’s, which has cameras covering the property.

"Just having some sort of video footage so we can actually go back and see if something does happening who did it and maybe we can help prevent something in the future,” said Ford, who lives in Sherwood Neighborhood.

Ford has lived in the Sherwood community for three years and moved there to build his family, but the continued crime has him on edge.

“We're thinking of having kids and it crosses my mind, do we want to have kids here in this neighborhood if it continues to escalate or do we have to look elsewhere, which I would hate to do, but if it come to that, that's what it comes to,” said Ford.

However, Ford said the Facebook page is playing a key role in getting the community back.

The Sherwood neighborhood is encouraging any neighborhood that hasn't, to start a Facebook group to help communicate what's happening.

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