Springfield mother speaks out after daughter is attacked by dogs


"It's heartbreaking for us, thinking that we were going to lose our child."

Lindsay Weyant remembers the brutal attack on her three-year-old, dance loving, daughter, Mirra Kay Neal.

Saturday, Mirra was with her dad at his friend's house on Sandhill Road. As usual, the toddler played with the dogs.

“She's been around these dogs since she was born,” Weyant said. “It's one of her dad's very good friends. The dogs have never been any type of, there's never been any issues."

There were no issues until Mirra fell asleep and her dad wasn't near.

"He was stepped outside just for about fifteen minutes,” she said. “And when he came back that's when he found her."

Mirra’s dad found her mauled by the household’s two pit bulls.

“There were about 82 lacerations,” she said. “Over 52 just to her face alone."

Mirra’s dad rushed his daughter to the hospital where she endured a 7-hour surgery; she woke up hours later.

“The first thing she said was 'Get them, Get them!', So I’m assuming it was the dogs,” Weyant said. “But that was kind of traumatic for us in the room because the first thing out of her mouth was something that I thought maybe she would wake up and not completely remember, but she did."

Now there’s overwhelming support with letters, gifts, thoughts, and prayers. Lindsay said even Mirra's dance group, Kinner & Co. Dance Studio, is waiting for her to return.

"I would never believe anything like this would happen to her,” said Mirra’s dance instructor, Jennifer Harness. “She's very energetic, she's spunky, she's a sassy little girl, counting down the days, we want to make sure she's up to it and she wants to but yeah, we can't wait to welcome her back."

From this incident, Lindsay said she has a message for all parents.

"It will make people realize you know,” she said. “You can walk away from your kids and in five seconds something terrifying can happen."

Mirra is expected to make a full recovery in 18 months. The two dogs have been put down.

Lindsay said, as of Tuesday night, she's not planning on pressing any charges.

Wednesday, family and friends are meeting to start planning a benefit.

There is an account open at UCB banks for donations. You can follow Mirra’s movements at: https://www.facebook.com/prayersformirrakay/.

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