Springfield investing funds to bring in more retail businesses

Springfield investing funds to bring in more retail businesses. (WRSP)

The City of Springfield is investing $15,000 to learn what it will take to bring more retail businesses to the city.

Contractors have been in Springfield over the last few days looking at what kind of businesses the city is lacking, what kind of businesses might do well in the city as well as what land could be developed into new businesses.

The Canvass Group of Fort Worth, Texas has been contracted to do this study. They currently have a team comprised of analytics and retail experts who are analyzing the city.

“Our primary objective in this first phase of the engagement is to just help you all understand kind of where you are today and where we see opportunities for growth, either through development, redevelopment, re-tenanting, re-positioning shopping centers,” Canvass Group Analyst Joseph Fackel III said.

The city specifically asked to the contractors to take a look at Springfield’s strip malls and empty store fronts. The mayor said he would like the group to focus on developing areas like the Stevenson Drive and Dirksen Parkway corridors.

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