Springfield comedy club needs community help

Springfield comedy club needs community help

Donnie B’s comedy club has been apart of the Springfield community for more than 19 years.

The comedy club has brought thousand of comedians to the capital city.

Now, they're having trouble staying afloat and they need the community's help.

Donnie Bassford is the owner of the comedy club.

When we asked him what the club brings to him he said, “life. It fills my soul and gives me meaning to get up the next day.”

These could be the last couple of days for the comedy club unless they can raise $30,000.

All they need is for 300 people to donate $100.

Friends of comedy is a group of lifelong comedy lovers. They are trying to help the club stay open.

One of the members said she worries that people take the club for granted.

“I think they feel like well it’s been here for 19 years it will always be here,” Shirley Phillips Black said. “I don’t think they realize in this day in age how fast you can lose something.”

December through February are usually good months for the comedy club.

This year was different because of a cold winter and a bad flu season.

“It takes money to stay open. It just takes money and we just had the worst year 19 years,” Bassford said.

Black is a season holder at the comedy club and said Donnie B’s is her happy place.

“It feels like a little slice of heaven and home when you walk in,” Black said.

The owner said he never thought this day would come.

“I feel that I failed somewhere because of an owner it’s like raising a child,” Bassford said. “This is my baby.”

He said he never wanted to ask for help but there is nothing else he can do.

“We are just saying folks if you have it in you to help us out so we can have another 19 years.”

The comedy club could close down the next couple of weeks unless they get the needed donations.

Check out the comedy club’s website to donate or to read more.

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