Springfield bars take precautions following California mass shooting

Springfield bars work to keep people safe following mass shooting at a California bar

California residents are in mourning after 12 people were killed in a mass shooting at a country bar Wednesday night.

Investigators have identified the gunman as Ian David Long.

This incident has people across the country on edge, including in central Illinois.

"It's happening in schools too and I think as a college student that's very devastating and very horrific and it just makes me fear for my safety and the safety of others," said Kimberlee Pompa, a college student at UIS.

Kimberlee and her friends go out to bars in Springfield.

She said all of the recent mass shootings make her extremely cautious when she’s out.

"The way things are playing out here in America, it's getting to be a reality," said Pompa.

Yati Eli, the owner of Wet Bar, said he takes many precautions at his establishment to prevent an incident from happening.

"We wand people down, check purses and do pat downs," Eli said.

There’s also two security guards outside and eight guards who walk around inside the bar.

A police officer is also on standby.

Springfield Police Department said people should also always be aware of their surroundings and whenever they enter a building, look around to find the nearest exit, just in case.

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