Speed limit signs scarce in local neighborhoods, raising concerns

    Speed limit signs scarce in local neighborhoods, raising concerns (WRSP)

    Several Springfield residents are concerned about speeding in neighborhoods.

    So we went to the city to find out how often you should see a speed limit sign.

    However, how often you may see the speed limit signs in the area actually depends on how fast the speed limit is.

    One in every three car crash deaths is speed-related.

    So, why can you drive down a Springfield road and sometimes only see one or two speed limit signs?

    "We generally post every two to four blocks for 30 mile-per-hour speed limits, six to eight blocks for 35 mile-per-hour and four to eight blocks for 40-miles-per-hour," Chief City Engineer Nathan Bottom said.

    But for some residents, Douglas Street is one of many that can pose a danger.

    "We've even tried to put up some safety cones by our houses, sometimes to slow down traffic," Springfield resident Tarah Davis said. "There are kids who are playing on these sidewalks and crossing the streets."

    Four kids to be exact and the traffic by Davis' house is close to familiar blinking lights, indicating a school zone.

    "It should just be a general understanding that when you're in a residential area, you should be going slow," Davis said.

    According to Public Works, the set speed limit in urban areas is 30 miles-per-hour, regardless if you see a sign or not.

    In other words, not seeing a sign every single block is no excuse for speeding.

    "If you just spend an extra second thinking of who's pulling out, who's backing out, which kids are playing around, constantly looking and driving slowly and more carefully, we would all appreciate that," Davis said.

    Remember, even if you believe you are the best driver, with how rainy it is, when temperatures lower this will all become icy and very dangerous.

    In Illinois, the default speed limit of 30 miles-per-hour is only changed for school zones, or otherwise posted speed limits.

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