Some animal owners abusing pets' opioid prescriptions

Veterinarians regulating pets' prescriptions after some owners found to be abusing the medication (Rachel Droze)

Veterinarians across the state join the fight against the opioid epidemic by looking for owners abusing their pets' prescriptions.

In January, a new law went into effect requiring veterinarians who prescribe controlled substances to enroll in the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program.

They have to look up a clients’ prescription history before doling out scripts to see if an owner might be trying to get opioids to use or sell illegally.

“The Prescription Monitoring Program basically has been implemented to help veterinarians also fight the national opioid crisis that we have here in the United States,” said Dr. Thomas Antonini with Capitol Illini Veterinary Services. “It's a way for us to monitor abuse as well."

The new prescription monitoring program doesn't just apply to veterinarians.

All physicians prescribing controlled substances are required to use the database.

It's aimed at stopping people from doctor shopping for opioids.

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