Skrysak Family Honors Their Children Who Passed Away

Skrysak Family Honors Their Children Who Passed Away (WICS)

Life doesn't always go as planned and there are certain moments that will shape you as a person. While I may look like my normal self on the news, this time of year is always difficult and I often put on a brave face to hide the tears.

Four years ago on August 16th, my son Parker passed away. He lived his entire 55 days of life in the neonatal intensive care unit at St. John's Children's Hospital in Springfield. His sister, Abigail, only lived for two hours. Within two months of giving birth to triplets, my husband and I lost two of our children. We feel so blessed to have our miracle child, Peyton, our lone surviving triplet. She's a happy and healthy child, who loves to help our family give back to the community.

Every year, our family honors Parker and Abby on what we call Parker's “Angelversary”. We donate new children's books to our local NICU. During our lengthy stay in the hospital, we read books to our children through the isolette doors because they were too small and fragile to hold. It was a way to bond with our children and research shows that reading to preemies helps with their brain development.

What started as a way to honor our triplets, turned into so much more. We created the non-profit charity, Triple Heart Foundation, delivering books and care packages to NICU families in Illinois and across the country. On August 16th, we'll once again visit the NICU to drop off hundreds of books and care packages as we celebrate our children and the lives they continue to touch around the world. It's a special time to visit with the nurses and doctors who cared for our children and we love seeing the reaction of the NICU staff who are always impressed with how far our survivor, Peyton, has come.

To learn more about our non-profit charity, just click the link: Triple Heart Foundation

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