Singer on American Idol marries his love who’s from Springfield

Singer on American Idol marries his love who’s from Springfield

Two years ago, David Francisco was paralyzed from the waist down. He thought everything was over, but then he decided to try to walk and play music again, and then he reconnected with who's now the love of his life, who is from Springfield, Illinois.

America fell in love with their love.

Paraplegic David Francisco of Knoxville and Kristi Platillero from Springfield.

The unforgettable moment on American Idol came after heartache.

"Where are my legs? And the doctors were like, well they're on the bed,” said Francisco. “And I was like, 'that's weird, I don't feel them on the bed.'"

At 24, David was hit by a car on his way home from music school in Nashville.

"Sent me flying, I got a nice scar there from shattering the windshield,” Francisco said.

Doctors told him he'd never walk again.

"I thought I lost any potential relationships,” Francisco said. “And you know, any opportunities in music."

That's where Kristi came in into the picture. They had met once before at a gig in Nashville through mutual friends. A friend shared one of David’s CDs with Kristi.

"I fell in love with David’s music,” Platillero said.

When she heard of his accident, she sent him an uplifting letter and months later they reconnected.

"Whether your famous or just Joe across the street, he treats you like you're one of his friends."

Less than two years later, David auditioned for American Idol.

“This is a big moment,” Francisco said. “Just a broken thing happening and then that thing turning into all these beautiful things, you know, beauty from ashes."

In February the two got married.

"David shines through,” Platillero said. “He's not a victim to his situation to his body. It's still David living fully, and so I fell in love with David."

"I probably honestly take for granted she's in my life,” said Francisco. “Just because I don't know if I would have the motivation to work as hard or to be as positive without her. Definitely, she's been a big part of the journey."

David has no bladder and bowel function. He said his legs will buckle and he’d fall if he's not careful. He said he will continue to try to walk and build strength.

David also made it a point to reach out to the person who ran him over and forgive her. He heard the driver was distraught and made sure to meet her and express his forgiveness.

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday at 7 p.m. The couple is going on a Ride for Hope, which is 500 miles from San Francisco to LA from June 22-23.

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