Shomidie family looks to start 'Shane's law' to help save lives on the water

    Shomidie family looks to start 'Shane's law' to help save lives on the water.

    Thursday night, Wallace Darcow was recovered from the Kaskaskia River and it's been more than two months since kayaker Shane Shomidie drowned.

    Now, his family is looking to help others to try and avoid the pain they have experienced.

    “There's no doubt in my mind that if Shane would have had a life jacket on, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation," Mickey Shomidie, Shane Shomidie’s father, said.

    Wearing a life jacket may seem bulky and unnecessary.

    "Take away your cool points or whatever, but you know, just don't look at it that way," Shomidie said.

    For some families, wearing a life jacker can make all the difference, which is something Shomidie knows all about.

    “There's never going to be closure, myself, Della, Shane's mom, his sisters, you know any of the family, it's just something, I've never been through anything like that," Shomidie said.

    His son Shane drowned two months ago while kayaking on the Sangamon river. He was not wearing a life jacket at the time of his death.

    Now, the family is looking to propose a law that would require anyone on a watercraft to wear a life jacket.

    The law is called "Shane's Law".

    "If we can save even one life, that's what this is about. To make it mandatory for everybody and I know everybody likes to get out on the lake and I have a boat and go out and have a couple beers, that's what it's about, having a good time. But being responsible as well. But wear a life jacket," Shomidie said.

    Currently in Illinois, only those who are 13-years-old or younger are required to wear a life jacket when on a watercraft. Otherwise, there just needs to be a lifejacket per person on the watercraft.

    “You kind of play that game if you get tired, if you didn't have a life jacket with you, in case of emergencies you really need to have that life jacket on," Owner of Lake Springfield Marina Scott Tucker said.

    But Shomidie said he would like to see that changed for the sake of other families.

    According to Gia Hoffman, President of the Missing Persons Awareness Network, said it is something being drafted by the Network.

    Hoffman said hat part of that law will include not leaving someone alone in the water.

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