Shocking video shows attempted break-in of a Springfield home on Christmas morning

Officials are searching for two men who were caught on camera trying to break into a home in southern Springfield. (WICS)

Officials are searching for two men who were caught on camera trying to break into a home in southern Springfield.

There were grandparents asleep inside, both almost 80-years-old who wanted to share this story, but not show their face.

They said there was one main factor that kept them safe.

"We’re still a little nervous about it,” said Ms. Clark.

Two men were caught in their home surveillance, on South Pasfield Street, around 3:30 Christmas morning.

"That was a bad time to do that to somebody,” said the Clarks. “It’s supposed to be happy, supposed to be a good day."

However, it wasn't a good day for the Clarks.

"[The suspect] tried, he even went around out there and ‘boom, boom’, two times,” said Brenda Clark, the homeowners’ daughter. “And then he just took his shoulder and hit up against the door."

Brenda said her parents, slightly hard of hearing, were going to open the door.

"Right here is where they kicked the door at. Right here,” Brenda said, pointing at the bottom of the front door. “Kept kicking it."

But that night, when they saw the video, the Clarks stayed inside.

"[The men] were walking around the backyard,” said Brenda. “Trying to get in the back door, trying to get my dad's bedroom window so they were mostly back there fooling around and then they came back up here."

Brenda said she installed the cameras as a Christmas gift just four days prior.

"It's scary; it really is,” she said. “I've been a nervous wreck; I’m just fearing for them because they can't do anything."

Officials said they believe it's two men.

"We don't know what their intent was on this,” said Captain Jerry Felts of the Sangamon County Investigative team.

Captain Felts said one seems to be manipulating what appears to be a gun.

"I don't know if I would really say it makes a difference any day,” said Captain Felts. “Any day would be terrible to have someone kick your door in. I'm assuming that whoever did it, didn't care what day it was."

It was Christmas and it was the home the Clarks had grown up in.

"It's been my home for so long,” said Ms. Clark. “About 60 years."

Now, the Clarks have to sleep with their own firearms nearby.

"I was really scared,” said Ms. Clark.

Brenda said she’s grateful the surveillance cameras were installed just a few days before the incident. She said there has never been any violent incident at their home.

"I’m just thanking God that they didn't get in,” Brenda said. “And I’m glad they didn't get a hold of them or something. It turned out good but I’m still scared for them."

Brenda said she doesn't feel as if her parents are safe in their home anymore. She plans on moving them out into a nursing home.

Officials said a deadbolt was a big reason the suspects couldn’t get inside.

Deputies are asking for help identifying the suspects.

If you have any information you are asked to contact the Sangamon County Sheriff's office or Crimestoppers.

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