Shelby County kayaker's body recovered

    Recovery efforts continue for Shelby County kayaker. (Courtesy: Hannah Wehrle)

    The body of 35-year-old Wallace Otto Darcow Jr. from Shelby County is now recovered at the Kaskaskia River.

    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources said Darcow Jr. was recovered at 8 p.m. July 5.

    The body was found Sunday via 'drop view,' which is similar to an underwater camera but recovery efforts have been going on for a week.

    Darcow's body was lodged in a log jam from debris in the river.

    Shelby County Sheriff's Office officials said the man was kayaking in a big group of about 20 people at the time of the incident.

    Agencies assisting in the search include the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, the Shelby County Dive Team, the Cowden Fire Department, the Moultrie County Dive Team, Effingham County Dive Rescue Team, and citizen volunteers including employees of CF Industries in Cowden and the American Red Cross.

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    **CORRECTION: There have been discrepancies of the spelling of the kayaker's last name. We were told by the Shelby County Sheriff's Department who spoke with family on-site the spelling was 'Darko.' As of Friday morning, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources said it is 'Darcow.'

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