Senator Duckworth visits the University of Illinois

Senator Duckworth visits the University of Illinois

Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth was at the University of Illinois Friday.

The senator visited with university officials and members of the UIUC Railtec Program.

They discussed railroad safety and efficiency.

Student researchers performed tests with their machinery in front of Duckworth.

With Congress voting on spending re-authorization, there are areas she believes are must-dos.

"It's a disservice to our nation to raise funding just for the military,” said Duckworth, D-Illinois. “but not also for veterans and not also for public schools, but not also for infrastructure programs. I mean we're here to visit this wonderful Railtec Program here at the university and their funding depends on an infrastructure package so we need work on the all of the above."

Duckworth said there is a lot to do before the end of the year and into the upcoming first quarter.

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