School districts nervous about possible $40,000 teacher minimum

School districts nervous about possible $40,000 teacher minimum.

Senate Bill 2892 is heading to Governor Bruce Rauner's desk, and is causing some controversy with small school districts.

It would require teacher salaries to start at $40,000.

Officials with the Waverly School District said they think paying teachers more is the right thing to do but the bill could force some rural school district to reduce the number of teaching positions because they can't afford it.

That’s a decision Waverly Superintendent Dustin Day said no school district should be faced with.

"When you raise the minimum salaries to $40,000, is it going to force some school districts to do a reduction in force and actually reduce teacher positions and staff to accommodate this new law? That is a fear," Day said,

If Governor Rauner does sign the bill, the salary requirement will have to be in place by 2022 and supporters said it will attract more teachers to Illinois.

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